The GoodLife! Workout is a community workout to encourage seniors to adopt an active lifestyle and make more friends, forging closer social bonds in the community.

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Endorsed by Physiotherapist

The simple steps, are carefully choreographed with the endorsement by a physiotherapist from Hallmark Physiotherapy to work on strengthening different muscle groups while minimising impact. By doing the workout, seniors can enjoy various health benefits such as increased blood circulation and improved sense of balance.

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Suitable for All Ages

Regardless if you are 3 or 80, you can easily pick up this workout and bond with your family members or neighbours through this common activity.

Safe for Wheelchair Users

The workout also has a sit-down version, which allows wheelchair users or individuals with mobility limitations to actively engage their limbs and body without facing difficulties in catching up with
the workout steps.

Simple Steps

The steps are so easy to learn! Anyone can master this workout with the help of our friendly ambassadors at these locations or through our workout video tutorials.

Simply fun!

What sets us apart from senior workouts is our upbeat music and interactive steps. Feel yourself bobbing to the catchy tune and lyrics as you give someone next to you a double high-five!

Nah Binte Kassim, 83
I live alone in Marine Terrace and every single week, a volunteer would bring me downstairs to the mass GoodLife! workout session at Marine Terrace Blk 50A’s open space. I always feel more energetic after doing the workout and I enjoy doing it with my friends. I hope to maintain a healthier body by doing the workout routinely every week.


Participants & Counting
The GoodLife! Workout is very interesting and fun. As a Goodlife! workout ambassador myself, the things that I enjoy about the exercise is when we teach other elderly to do the exercise and also when you see the happy faces of other seniors participating in the exercise.
I always feel happy attending the exercise as even though age is catching up, I have a chance to improve my life by participating in this exercise in keeping my body healthy, strong and energetic.
Menka Binwani, 72
Due to active involvement in the GoodLife! workout and other exercises, I have lost weight. I love it when we go to East Coast Park and do the exercise, as there is a refreshing sea breeze.
The GoodLife! Workout makes me happy including my family. I feel healthy and strong whenever I exercise. The exercise has improved my body, there are no more aches and pain. I have more endurance and my breathing has improved, not tired easily as compared to last time.
I feel stronger and happier after attending this exercise. GoodLife!@Yishun team is providing a safe space for everyone including seniors and giving us a platform to exercise, I too enjoy their openness in accepting and encouraging seniors like me to join workout. We should exercise to maintain a healthy body!
I was an introvert who rarely participated in group activities. Upon participating in the weekly GoodLife! workout session, I have made so many new friends and I even practised the workout at home!
Lee Ping Cheng, 71
The workout has helped me to understand other seniors in the community better through as I got to meet them every week to exercise. Overall, the workout is really enjoyable!
Janet Sum, 60
The GoodLife! Workout never fails to make me feel energized and I look forward to doing it again every week. My confidence has also increased when I was given the opportunity to perform the workout on stage during Goodlife! @ Bedok’s Grandparents’ Day event.
It is a good workout that is suitable and beneficial for seniors. It also has a catchy music and lyrics. I am enjoying and having fun learning the moves/steps in the workout. We should exercise while our body still allows and overall GoodLife Workout is very good!
Ng Mong Hong, 69
I find that GoodLife! Workout is very fun and interactive and it is an exercise that all seniors in Singapore should learn. After doing the workout for the past few months, it had helped increase my stamina and there are improvements in my memory.
Khor Peck Ching, 66
I enjoyed doing the GoodLife! Workout a lot and made many new friends through the weekly sessions. I also had a lot of fun learning the steps from the Goodlife! Centre staff.
Teng Ee Ivy, 72
The GoodLife! workout is good for the health and I feel that after joining it, I have a more fulfilling lifestyle and my social engagement has increased a lot.