The GoodLife! Workout is a community workout to encourage seniors to adopt an active lifestyle and make more friends, forging closer social bonds in the community.

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Endorsed by Physiotherapist

The simple steps, are carefully choreographed with the endorsement by a physiotherapist from Hallmark Physiotherapy to work on strengthening different muscle groups while minimising impact. By doing the workout, seniors can enjoy various health benefits such as increased blood circulation and improved sense of balance.

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Suitable for All Ages

Regardless if you are 3 or 80, you can easily pick up this workout and bond with your family members or neighbours through this common activity.

Safe for Wheelchair Users

The workout also has a sit-down version, which allows wheelchair users or individuals with mobility limitations to actively engage their limbs and body without facing difficulties in catching up with
the workout steps.

Simple Steps

The steps are so easy to learn! Anyone can master this workout with the help of our friendly ambassadors at these locations or through our workout video tutorials.

Simply fun!

What sets us apart from senior workouts is our upbeat music and interactive steps. Feel yourself bobbing to the catchy tune and lyrics as you give someone next to you a double high-five!